Residence permit in Latvia

Residence Permit in Latvia

By purchasing any house in our village "Green Village," you get the opportunity to obtain a Residence Permit in the European Union, allowing you to freely move throughout the EU, as well as work and live in Latvia without time restrictions.

We offer a comprehensive solution to all issues related to obtaining a residence permit in Latvia based on your requirements.

Full legal support, both for real estate transactions and for obtaining a residence permit in accordance with Latvian legislation. A residence permit is a document that gives a foreign citizen the right to stay in the Republic of Latvia and the Schengen zone for 5 years (with a temporary residence permit) or permanently (with a permanent residence permit), without the need for a visa.

Grounds for obtaining temporary residence permits by investors:

Acquiring real estate anywhere in Latvia for a minimum amount of 250,000 euros. A temporary residence permit is issued to both the Investor and their family, including the spouse and minor children. Usually valid for 5 years. Mandatory registration is required every year, where the entire family must come to Latvia twice – once to submit documents and the second time to receive the ID card (residence permit).

To obtain a residence permit in Latvia when purchasing real estate, it is necessary to consider a number of conditions:

  • Real estate must be purchased from a legal entity registered in Latvia or from an individual who is a resident of Latvia or a citizen of the EU,or the holder of a valid residence permit in Latvia.
  • The cost of acquiring real estate must be equal to or exceed the legally established minimum.
  • Payment for the purchase of real estate must be made by non-cash payment.
  • The cadastral value of real estate must be at least 80,000 euros.
  • The foreign citizen must have no debt to the state.
  • A 5% fee of the property value must be paid when applying for a residence permit.

Documents required to obtain a residence permit:

  • A completed form for applying for a residence permit
  • A photograph
  • A certificate of no criminal record, issued by the competent authority of the country of citizenship or residence (for foreign citizens over 14 years of age) if the foreigner has stayed there for more than 12 months
  • A document confirming the provision of the necessary subsistence minimum
  • A document confirming the intended place of residence in the Republic of Latvia
  • A document confirming that the payment for the purchase of real estate was made by non-cash payment
  • A document confirming that the foreigner has no debt for real estate tax if the property has belonged to him for more than one year
  • A document on the payment of the state fee

As the first experience of obtaining a residence permit and the reaction of applicants show,buying real estate is the most profitable, convenient, and understandable way.

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